I'm going to share some of my pieces of advice for how to be a ruthless Dust Tactics player. They don't all apply to Warfare directly.
  1. Whenever you can help it, don't shoot your opponents units that have already activated that turn. (They can't cause anymore damage to you until next turn so kill something else to minimize your loses this turn)
  2. Focus fire on targets when possible. If you have multiple units in range of a couple enemy units just pick one target and lay it on thick. Chances are you will eliminate the unit completely which puts you at a tactical advantage later. They lose an activation if you kill the whole unit. If you split fire and only partially kill two units chances are that the enemy kept the best weapons alive like the bazooka and is still going to blow up your walker or whatever.
  3. When using your snipers, be sure to pick off the most important model in the unit. Go for the flame thrower, or the bazooka or whatever. Don't shoot the character in the squad unless you are delivering the final killing blow to it. Once the tactical model is eliminated in the squad shoot at a different unit next turn.
  4. If a unit has a limited ammo weapon, like a Panzerfaust or grenade, use it all on the very first target you come across if applicable. Once you have closed the gap between you and the enemy the odds of survival are too slim to try and save it for later. Treat it like your first girlfriend and blow your wad on the first sign of encounter.
  5. When your unit is almost certainly facing imminent death and can react, DO! Don't be silly and try and save the activation for when you "might" survive the slaughter. And it's better to maybe react at full strength than make a sustained attack with the last guy standing if he survives.
  6. The Boss and Kommandotrup are not ~40 point walker mechanics. If you use them for that role then you could have just spent the points on another walker.
  7. Know your enemy's stats. If you don't own the unit then go on www.dust-models.com and print them out. Be aware of the possible actions each enemy unit can take each turn. When you get this good, nothing will come as a surprise. All units have a limit to how far they can move and most have a limit to how far they can shoot. Very few games have the distances spelled out so clearly that you can visualize the field ahead of you. Use this to your advantage.
  8. Don't be afraid to put certain units at risk if the reward is greater than the loss. Too often I will see a unit of Hellboys or BBQ taking cover at the end of the turn to play it safe, rather than being right where they need to be to set up the next turn. If your unit could be in perfect range to be activated first and make a sustained attack, or maneuver and attack then it's often worth doing it. Don't be afraid of whether you will loose the initiative roll or not. Don't sit and wait for your opponent to make that mistake. I will see the cowardice and avoid that unit, since you're clearly making any engagement something that will be on my own terms anyhow.


  Now you too can have Zeltbahn tents for your Axis troops! Just down load one of the files located below to get a paper model kit for 5 Zeltbahn tents on a sheet of cardstock. Just print it out full size on cardstock from your color printer, cut it out, fold and glue. Now your Axis troops can have a good night rest and keep dry even in the most inclement weather!

Splinter Pattern German Tent

Plane Tree German Tent